Think of these like writing prompts. Take these ideas and contort them into your own beautiful disasters. If you really want, you’re welcome to build them as described here, but, if you do, you’re missing the point. Your project should be your own.

A stock photos site with only weird or unique photos. Crying clowns, abandoned malls, giant wicker chairs… that sort of thing.

Social network where people submit things they’ve created like articles they’ve written, products they’ve released, or YouTube videos. You view a list of them and promote the ones you like on your social media accounts. More promotions of other people’s stuff buys your own posts a higher position on the site.

A blogging platform which automatically links between users’ posts. It matches words and phrases common in posts, preferring longer matches. For example, if this project description were a post on the platform, the words “blogging platform” might automatically be linked to another user’s post on the top blogging platforms in 2018. Links change over time.

A widget or plugin that pops up a modal on exit intent. (You’ve probably seen these before. You’re about to close a page when a modal pops up giving you a “final offer” of sorts to keep you from leaving.) The twist is that the content of the modal is customizable based on how long the user was on the page.

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